The School Day


Our Primary day runs from 8:30 till 3:00pm, with optional after-school clubs running till 4:00pm (after term 1 for reception children), and a free breakfast club starting at 8:05. We also offer after school care till 6:00pm.

One Degree Academy offers a traditional core academic curriculum in addition to a rich and varied enrichment curriculum. We believe in the importance of getting the basics right and devote extended time to reading, writing and mathematics. As an all through school, our curriculum is planned with the end goal of university in mind. We take this as our starting point and plan all the way back to age 4, teaching junior versions of ‘big ideas’ at age-appropriate level.



Our secondary school day will run from 8:00 till 4:30 with optional after school clubs running till 5:30 and an optional breakfast club starting at 7:30.

In secondary, from Year 7 students will develop powerful knowledge, engaging with important ideas that have shaped the world. The following subjects will be taught in line with the National Curriculum: English, Maths, Science, a Modern Foreign Language, History, Geography and Religious Education.

We ensure there is a rigorous focus on literacy and numeracy so that all children exceed national expectations. Additionally we ensure there is a rigorous focus on regular meaningful assessments in all subject areas so students and parents are consistently aware of student progress and how to move forward. Our assessment system is designed to answer one question: not ‘Did I teach it?’ but ‘Did my students learn it?’.

From Year 7 each child is allocated a House Coach who has a weekly ‘Learning Conversation’ with their students about individual progress and how to move forward. We also offer 1-2-1 tuition, peer tutoring and prep for any student who would benefit from catch up classes.


Innovative Enrichment Curriculum

We offer a unique, innovative and creative enrichment programme that ensures the development of the whole child. At secondary this includes: two afternoons of sport, health and fitness per week, for example football, netball, rugby, athletics. It also includes one afternoon of an Enrichment Elective for example Musical Theatre, Dance, Catering, Emergency Medical Care, or Website design and one afternoon of university prep, employability and careers – linked to a variety of sectors for example, technology, engineering, architecture, medicine, law, media. Our enrichment curriculum for primary includes a wide range of afterschool clubs and creative activities for students.

Character Attributes – at One Degree Academy we believe that character strengths, skills and mindsets are not fixed. We believe these vital character skills such as resilience, optimism and self control can be taught and developed. Learning from the latest scientific research about the brain and child development, we teach approaches to character development that enable children to learn and flourish. Our innovative character curriculum uses stories and cartoon characters which have been specially designed to appeal to children. These exemplify and teach great learning habits and life-skills such as self regulation, determination and optimism.

Cultural Experiences – As well as our Knowledge and Character curriculum, we have backwards-planned our cultural curriculum so that during their time with us, every One Degree Student is exposed to a wide array of different cultural experiences – ranging from learning how to network and shake someone’s hand, to visiting the Theatre or attending a Black-Tie event or residential trip. We believe that to truly prepare students for the world beyond One Degree, we have a responsibility to give them access to a wide range of experiences and help them make the most of these experiences.


The ‘One Degree Pledge’ – An entitlement for all One Degree Students

Every student, every year will:

  1. Visit a Russell Group University

  2. Engage in regular cultural trips and visits

  3. Be part of a volunteering programme

  4. Take part in regular mentoring from – and have access to – a range of top London employers

  5. Engage in a rich and deep curriculum which develops, nurtures, and fosters individual talents and skills, preparing them for the world after school