Please use these dates to plan holidays and other commitments, including routine doctor and dentist appointments.

*The first month for children in Reception will be staggered. You will be given your child’s start date at your induction meeting in July.

We will let you know well in advance about any changes to these dates. 


Tuesday 23rd April: Staff Training – school closed to pupils.

Wednesday 24th April: Parent Progress Review Day

Term: Thursday 25th April to Friday 24th May

Bank Holiday Monday 6th May

Half-term: Monday 27th May to Friday 31st May

Monday 3rd June: Staff Training – school closed to pupils.

Term: Tuesday 4th June to Friday 19th July (12:00pm)

TERM DATES 2019-2020

Please see here for full details.


Wednesday August 28th -Monday Sept 9th: Staff Training – school closed to pupils. Term begins Tuesday 10th Sept at 8:30 am

Parent Launch Day is Monday 9th Sept: 1 on 1 appointments with your child’s teacher to set up for the year. Please attend this meeting with your child who should be in full school uniform.

Term: Tuesday 10th September to Friday 19th October

Half-term: Monday 21st October to Friday 25th October

Term: Monday 28th October to Friday 20th December (12:00pm)

28th, 29th November: Staff Data and Planning Days – school closed to pupils.

Christmas break: Monday 23rd December to Friday 3rd January