Re: School Bus – Drop Off Location

Following feedback from parents regarding parking in the afternoon at the Bread of Heaven car park, we have reviewed other potential options for the bus. There are obviously trade-offs to be made with different possible locations when compared to the car park we have now but we have sought to be fair to all parents in line with the criteria set out in the previous letter on this subject namely:

  • Safety for children and adults

  • Proximity to the parents who originally joined One Degree on the basis of the school location being on the North Middlesex Hospital site

  • Little to no increased journey time for children

  • Proximity to parents who do not have access to a car

We recognise that issues relating to parking largely occur in the afternoon, when the car park is not open. As such we are moving the afternoon parent pick-up location to near Pymmes Park on the corner of Park lane and Victoria Road (See map on reverse) in the afternoon. The parent drop- off location in the morning will remain as the Bread of Heaven car park. We feel this balances the needs of those that walk to the bus stop with those that drive while prioritising the safety of our community.

Park Lane / Victoria Road Pymmes Park offers more options to park in side roads. However, as the location is more exposed, parents must collect their children from the steps of the bus. Parents should park in the adjoining side roads and walk to the drop off location. On no account should they block or park in the entrance to the park where the bus will stop.

The timings of both pick up and drop off will not change: we ask that parents ensure they drop off by 8:00am at the Bread of Heaven to ensure the bus leaves by 8:05am sharp, and that they collect children at 3:30pm. The bus will depart park lane at 3:40pm.

We will be starting this from Tuesday 30th October and will operate this for a trial period to see if this results in an improvement for all. Thanks once again for your continued support of the academy and your children.

Joe Howlett
Chief Operating Officer

New drop off location – Park Lane – Pymmes Park - N9 9BE

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Screenshot 2018-12-05 at 21.55.15.png
Daniel Chalke