Hearing Test Part 2- AUT 2

Dear Parents/Guardians

This letter is to inform you that one of the school screeners will be coming to your child’s school this academic year to check the hearing of the children in reception.

This hearing screening is vital to check if there are any permanent or temporary changes in your child’s hearing ability. Significant hearing losses are still detected at this check in a number of children.

This hearing check is possibly the only one that your child will have, apart from the one at birth (depending on where they were born). All children born in the UK should have received a hearing screen shortly after birth. Even though your child may have passed this early screen, hearing can change at any point due to many factors (infection, trauma, upper respiratory tract infections, wax etc.) Even a small change in hearing can affect what your child can hear and therefore affect their communication and educational progress.

If your child does not pass the first screen at school, this will be repeated in 5\6 weeks again at school and if he\she still does not pass or is unable to condition to the test you will be directly contacted by the Paediatric Audiology Department to attend one of our clinics where a more comprehensive test will be done.

If you do not wish your child to have this hearing test, or if they are currently under the care of Audiology or Ear Nose and Throat, can you please let the school know in writing as soon as possible. We will notify school of any children requiring further testing so that they can assist with releasing your child for their appointment.

We will be asking the school for your contact details which will only be used should we need to send appointments out and text reminders. Please ensure that your school has your most up to date contact details. This information is always kept securely at all times.

Ruth Droy, Masha Klubicka-Herdic & Carol Ure Audiology Screeners

Zoe Porter
Chief Paediatric Audiologist

Daniel Chalke