One Degree Academy offers a rigorous academic curriculum that promotes the learning of powerful knowledge and character attributes. We believe all young people can attain a place at university or become successfully employed in a career with prospects and see all aspects of a child’s development as crucial to their success. Our curriculum is designed to prepare pupils for university education and future employment.

Rigorous foundations

We believe that every child has the potential to succeed academically through dedication and hard work. This is why we emphasise core academic subjects like English and Maths, as these subjects are important for further education and provide a solid foundation for acquiring other skills. We place large emphasis on reading, which we believe is a key driver of academic success. We will also set high targets for attainment to ensure that every pupil achieves his or her potential.

Engaging Knowledge

Our view is that learning is most effective when it is rooted in knowledge, is engaging, and is made relevant to the real world. Units of learning are organised around mastery of key concepts and ideas that have shaped – and will continue to shape – the world; pupils apply what they have learnt in class, and therefore demonstrate an ability to think logically and creatively. Our curriculum encapsulates multiple subjects into an expansive body of powerful knowledge.


We offer a unique, innovative and creative enrichment programme that ensures the development of the whole child. At secondary this will include: two afternoons of sport, health and fitness per week, for example football, netball, rugby, athletics. It also includes one afternoon of an Enrichment Elective for example Musical Theatre, Dance, Catering, Emergency Medical Care, or Website design; and one afternoon of university prep, employability and careers – linked to a variety of sectors such as technology, engineering, architecture, medicine, law or media. Our enrichment curriculum for primary includes a wide range of afterschool clubs, volunteering and creative activities for students.

STRIVE programme

At One Degree Academy we believe that character strengths, skills and mindsets are not fixed. We believe these vital character skills such as resilience, optimism and self-control can be taught and developed. Learning from the latest scientific research about the brain and child development, we teach approaches to character development that enable children to learn and flourish. This approach runs through everything we do. See our Values and Ethos page for more details.

Broad Horizons

As well as our Knowledge and STRIVE curriculum, we have backwards-planned our cultural curriculum so that during their time with us, every One Degree Student is exposed to a wide array of different cultural experiences – ranging from learning how to network and shake someone’s hand, to visiting the Theatre or attending a Black-Tie event or residential trip. We believe that to truly prepare students for the world beyond One Degree, we have a responsibility to give them access to a wide range of experiences and help them make the most of these experiences.


All our activities will share a common aim: to inspire minds, broaden horizons, develop character and enhance cultural awareness. From a young age, pupils will participate in university outreach programmes and undertake inspiring work experience. We will also encourage our pupils to take pride in and contribute to their communities, by volunteering at local charities and taking part in local campaigns.