Our school offers the very best education and will be a beacon of excellence in Enfield. We have designed One Degree Academy to be unique in a number of ways:

Small: our school is small with only 30 students in each year, meaning every student will be individually known and cared for.

All-through: our school teaches pupils from Reception age all the way through to 18. Unlike with most schools, our students will not have to leave after year 6.

A Culture of High Aspiration: our students will be regularly exposed to world-leading universities, businesses and organisations. From Reception, they will be encouraged to aim high and strive for excellence.

Inspirational Teaching and World Class Learning Environment: as a new school, we will only appoint the very best teachers for your child who will learn in brand new state-of-the-art facilities.

Rigorous Academic Curriculum: we place a strong emphasis on laying solid foundations in key subjects, with double curriculum time for reading, writing, phonics and mathematics.

Enrichment: we offer a unique and innovative enrichment curriculum to develop the whole child: all students will take part in sports, an extensive careers programme, volunteering, trips and the arts.

Character: from day 1, through our unique STRIVE curriculum, we instill and develop in our students character strengths and attributes which help them lead successful and fulfilled lives: resilience, grit, hope, self-control, curiosity, gratitude, and other interpersonal skills. We also work with world leading experts from The Anna Freud Centre to help us and our parents develop focus and attention skills in our children.

High Expectations: we expect pupils to work hard and be respectful at all times. We have high expectations for behaviour, uniform and politeness. We ‘sweat the small stuff’ because we know that excellence is achieved step by step – One Degree at a time.


Dave Berry from Capital Radio’s Breakfast Show visits One Degree Academy in our opening week: