Our Values

Why do we exist?

We exist to develop in all our students the knowledge, attributes and aspirations to succeed at university, enjoy a fruitful career, and lead a great life.


How do we behave? Whatever it takes, we STRIVE for excellence, step by step.

Every system and process in our school is built around the following core values which are lived by our staff and instilled in our children:

  • Scholarship – we focus relentlessly on academic achievement, great learning and continuous improvement to get results. We show a zest for new learning.
  • Teamwork – we work together to overcome difficulties. When one of us succeeds, we all do.
  • Responsibility – we take ownership of our actions, caring for each other and for our environment. We look to ourselves to do what’s right or to find solutions.  We do what needs to be done.
  • Integrity – we are honest, kind and open with our community in everything we do. We treat everyone as we want to be treated: with respect.
  • Value – we are useful and kind, adding what we do to the conversation of humanity. We embrace new opportunities to develop wisdom.
  • Effort – we never give up on trying to improve – even when it’s hard. We know there are no shortcuts: achievement comes with practise, step-by-step.


In Primary, these values are taught through our STRIVE curriculum which is embedded in all aspects of One Degree life.



What do we do?

We develop great people who teach knowledge, develop non-cognitive capacities, and provide experiences, opportunities and connections which will help our children flourish at university and beyond.


How will we succeed – what are our strategic anchors? The ‘4 Cs’

  1. Core knowledge (Head) – we relentlessly develop powerful knowledge which leads to academic success.
  2. Character strengths (Heart) – we foster non cognitive capacities and attributes necessary for a great life.
  3. Confidence and Aspiration (Will) – we build cultural capital and aim to broaden horizons.
  4. Care – we ensure staff and child well-being through safe and effective processes.