Our uniform has been chosen in partnership with our parents. It is designed to promote our high expectations and university-ready focus, while at the same time remaining practical and affordable.

We aim for a large part of the uniform to be generic and as such able to be purchased at affordable prices from supermarkets and clothes retailers.

We expect students to wear dark grey trousers or skirt (knee length), black shoes (not trainers) and white shirts.

In Reception, students wear:

  • Our One Degree V neck jumper
  • Our One Degree polo shirt
  • Dark grey trousers / skirts
  • Smart black school shoes.
  • Students must also have a One Degree school bag.
  • For PE, students will wear One Degree tracksuit bottoms or shorts, One Degree polo shirt and plain trainers.

Uniform is available to purchase from the school.

Low res all good

As students progress through One Degree Academy they will also progress in their uniform. In Key Stage 1 children will be introduced to wearing a tie, then later in school will progress to a full blazer and tie at secondary level.