Our site to be confirmed shortly

We have been meeting with the Department for Education and Education Funding Agency who are responsible for finding us a site to build and open our school in September 2016.

Finding a permanent site has proved extremely challenging, two schools have been unable to open in Brent, due to lack of a suitable site.

In June, after an extensive search and on the advice of the Department For Education we started to consider sites outside of Brent. Based on the experience of other schools, the team decided we would rather the school open in September 2016 than not open at all due to lack of a site.

We are pleased to report that significant progress has been made in the last two weeks. We can confirm we will most likely be based in the Borough Of Enfield, just south of the North Circular. We hope to announce exact details very soon on our news section.

If you are interested in finding out our exact site or have child that will be entering reception or year 7 in 2016, please do send us an email through our contact form.